Iris Saltzman, Parapsychologist & Intuitive Astrologer
Iris Saltzman Official Site. Contact at: Phone: 954-986-1303,
Mailing Address: Iris Saltzman Center,
12289 Pembroke Rd Mailbox #70,Pembroke Pines, FL 33025.

Iris Saltzman,world renowned Intuitive Astrologer, is in the book,
"Many Lives, Many Masters,"  by Dr Brian Weiss, will be holding a lecture
and discussion on reincarnation and how to understand your past lives.
For information on Iris Saltzman's workshops & phone consultations, 
call 954-986-1303.

Iris Saltzman Sez...

"Character is Destiny."

"The fool
obeys the
the wise
man heeds

Iris Saltzman Center: By Appointment Only.
Mailing Address: Iris Saltzman, 12289 Pembroke Rd 
Mailbox #70,
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025.
Call 954-986-1303
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